Are paying to much for camper storage
Is your camper just dropped on the campsite
Is it dirty when you arrive with trash leaves and sticks on top
Does it leak or smell musty inside
Are your batteries so depleted you can't open your slide or have lighting to see when you arrive after hours of driving?
Does your air conditioner or heat work properly
Are you infested with roaches and ants
Do you have to pay annually keeping you locked in year after year

Ok enough is enough
What we do and what you get

We store your camper away from trees and mud
We have a RV tech on premises
We check your camper regularly making sure all is well inside and out
We can cover your camper roof, wheels and tires to prevent UV damage
We winterize your camper
We service generators, change oil when needed
Motor Coach oil changes

On delivery we wash the outside if needed and sweep and dust inside
Charge the batteries
Check the tire pressure
Check water lines
Check water heater
Have the refrigerator ready and cold and ready for use
Set up and level, Air or Heat on, porch light on, We keep the light on for you
 cable hooked up, electric hooked up
We will even do your grocery list shopping and have it ready when you get there

We service from Little River to Surfside Beach
Ocean Lakes, Lakewood, Pirate Land, all the way up to Apache and Myrtle Beach Travel Park

We charge and bill annually and semiannual depending on your contract

            Rates and rules

$600.00 per year


We Winterize once per season
We Wash on each delivery
We charge batteries on delivery
We inspect tires on each delivery
We check water lines
We check roof for leaks
We check all running lights
We check hubs and wheels
We check all inside lights
We check fridge
We check Air and heat system
We check all seals and corners
We check slides
We check Awnings
We have 24 hr Security
NO in and out traffic allowed in our storage facility
We level camper and hook up except sewer.

We offer tire and camper covers

#1 in storage in the USA